Dec 19, 2017
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With These 5 Tips, Your In-laws Are Bound To Love You More


So your relationship/marriage is progressing and this is a good thing but how do you make your partner’s parents like and respect you? How do you make them realise that you are the best one for their son?

1. Love and respect your spouse

The best route to winning over your in-laws is by being a good spouse. Your partner’s parents may naturally admire you if they see that you are making their child happy. Do your best to maintain a healthy relationship with your spouse and they would love you.

2. Encourage them to spend time with your children

If you try to come in between your in-laws and their grandchildren, they’ll dislike you. Be respectful of their role as grandparents and provide opportunities for them to be a part of your children’s lives.

Try to build relationship by inviting them to birthday parties and awards ceremonies. Let your children visit with them on weekends or school holidays.

3. Be family-oriented

Your in-laws will like you more when you prove that you value family and spending quality time with your family will go a long way towards earning their respect.

When it’s all said and done, all they really want is for their child and grandchildren to be loved and well-cared for. Isn’t this the truth?

4. Be warm around them.

Don’t be cold-shouldered and saucy around your in-laws and expect them to like you. Put your best foot forward and demonstrate a relaxed, inviting personality. Smile, greet them warmly, show respect by kneeling, and hug, if that’s typical in your spouse’s  family.

5. Ask their advice.

Parents love to feel like they are imparting knowledge, and this also applies to their children—in-laws. There is no difference. Show regard for them and their unique skills by asking their advice about a dilemma or requesting that they teach you something.

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