Nov 5, 2017
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Why you should listen to the other side of the story from your partner


When many couples are having an argument, you notice that there is usually a lot of noise; two people trying to out-talk each other, trying to have the last word, wanting so bad to win the argument. Neither of them willing to listen. But that’s not even the main issue. In most cases, when a partner genuinely feels hurt by what the other person has done, they only want to vent and pour it all out. They are usually not willing to listen to explanation, or try to listen to the other side of the story.

This often leads to hasty decisions, sometimes unjustifiable actions, and regrets.

When your partner hurts you, and you think you have every right to be angry and take immediate action, it’s also wise to take a deep breath and sue for dialogue. Open up your mind and listen to the other side of the story.
A friend, shares her perspective on this issue:

“Usually, we ask to hear the other side of the story when we are in a position to judge a situation between two people. We never think of listening to the other side as the ones in the midst of the chaos. You may wonder why you should bother listening to the other side when you are the one in the chaos. I will explain…

Thing is, we have different perspectives and perceptions. We look at same item or concept from different angles. Hence, our views will most times not be same in certain situations.
Even when you are in the midst of the chaos, even when you are the other person, even when you stand on the other side of the rumble, it may be difficult but try listen to the other side. You may realize the words you used or your actions/reactions which wasn’t expected but triggered pain which in turn caused some actions/reactions.

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