Oct 1, 2020
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Tucker: Biden used ‘illusion of reasonableness’ at debate to disguise plans to ‘tear down our system’


America deserved better than Tuesday’s “painful, highly depressing” debate between President Trump and Joe Biden in Cleveland, but there were some key moments that should have given voters insight, Tucker Carlson said Wednesday.The “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host highlighted Biden’s refusal to answer whether he planned to pack the Supreme Court if he wins the presidency and Democrats win the Senate — which likely indicates the former vice president plans to do just that, Carlson claimed.”That’s what radicalism looks like. Anything that stands between you and the power you seek, you destroy, even if it’s the world’s oldest constitutional court — which our Supreme Court is,” the host said. “We should be afraid of people who are willing to do things like that, but in Joe Biden’s case we don’t seem to be afraid.”And that leads to something else that we learned last night at the debate: tone is everything,” Carlson added.VOTERS FELT LIKE NOBODY WON PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE: POLLSTER LEE CARTER”Biden all but admitted on stage that he plans to tear down our system, but he did it in a calm, ‘This is your captain speaking’ voice.”By contrast, Carlson argued, Trump defended the American system, the system that most people support.TRUMP-BIDEN PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE IN CLEVELAND: TOP 5 MOMENTS”Nothing Trump said onstage was radical,” Carlson argued, “virtually nothing he ever says is radical, at least if you compare to public opinion polling on the issues. It’s his tone that rattles people. Trump could make a wine list sound menacing.”CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPAs a result, “amazingly, tragically, many people who watched last night may have concluded that Joe Biden is the stable, steady alternative,” Carlson concluded. “They concluded this even as Joe Biden suggested he plans to change their lives, their country, permanently and forever in ways they won’t like.”It’s quite a trick, the illusion of reasonableness. Barack Obama was a master of this.”
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