Nov 19, 2019
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Sophia Loren recalls striptease scene from ‘Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’


At age 85, Sophia Loren is keeping busy.The Oscar-winning actress is appearing in a series of intimate onstage conversations across the country about a career spanning more than five decades. And she’s reminiscing about her life and the many adventures she’s had through the years.The Italian icon, who is recognized as one of the last surviving stars from Hollywood’s golden era, is also back on front of the camera for a film called “La Vita Davanti a Sé” (“The Life Ahead”), in which she plays a Holocaust survivor who develops a bond with a 12-year-old Senegalese boy. The movie is Loren’s first feature film in a decade and is being directed by Edoardo Ponti, her son, who has directed her in two other films, Variety reported.Loren spoke to Fox News about why she’s telling all for fans, how she feels about sex-symbol status, and taking memorable photos.RAQUEL WELCH RECALLS STARRING IN ‘ONE MILLION YEARS B.C.’: ‘I ALMOST DIED’
Sophia Loren is keeping busy, careerwise, at the age of 85.
(Christian Charisius/picture alliance via Getty Images)CATWOMAN JULIE NEWMAR DESCRIBES LIFE AS THE SEDUCTIVE ‘BATMAN’ VILLAINFox News: What inspired you to do an event like “An Evening with Sophia Loren”?Sophia Loren: It’s really wonderful to do something like this. I have the opportunity to see so many people that I don’t know, but they know me. They always have questions about my movies and I’m happy to answer them. It truly is wonderful to give them this opportunity for us to finally speak with one another.Fox News: You’re still celebrated as an icon in Hollywood and a sex symbol. How do you feel about those titles?Loren: Oh my God, it’s wonderful, don’t you think? Oh, I think it’s wonderful, yes. Even my children know of these titles *laughs*. They say, “Mom, you are this” or “Mom, you are that.” I enjoy it very much.Fox News: How do you feel about your famous scene in “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”?Loren: Which one?Fox News: The striptease scene, of course.Loren: Ah, the strip scene. Well, it was part of the picture, part of the scene we had to do. And it was really fun to give Marcello Mastroianni a chance to be terribly funny, as he was, actually. And that was, I think, really the brilliancy of the film. We had a lot of fun bringing that scene to life. And I think that still shows today. I love that people still appreciate it and it makes them laugh a lot. It makes me happy to still make audiences smile.RAQUEL WELCH TALKS WORKING WITH ROBERT WAGNER, MEETING ELVIS PRESLEY AND FRANK SINATRA
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