Jan 31, 2018
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‘R. Kelly gets away with alleged s*x cult because America doesn’t care about underage black girls’ Angry dad blasts


According to the father of one of R. Kelly’s girlfriends, R. Kelly is getting away with his alleged s*x cult because America doesn’t care about underage black girls being victimized.

Angelo Clary told TMZ he’s incredulous Kelly isn’t facing the same fate as Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby and believes race is the only difference.

R. Kelly Would Be Jailed If His GFs Were White, Angry Father Claims lailasnews 2

Angelo’s 20-year-old daughter, Azriel Clary, is one of the singer’s alleged victims.

Angelo says Azriel was 17 when she met Kelly to discuss her music career. He and Azriel’s mother were there, but he claims Kelly slipped his number to Azriel when they weren’t looking.

Shortly after that, Azriel moved in with R. Kelly.

Angelo hasn’t seen his daughter since, and last spoke to her 8 months ago.

Another family, Joycelyn Savage’s family, also accused Kelly of cutting them off from their daughter. Just like the Savage family, Angelo says police told him there’s nothing they can do unless Azriel claims she’s being held against her will.

Last year July, BuzzFeed published an article alleging that singer R. Kelly was holding multiple young women — most of them 19 or in their early 20s — in various properties around the United States and forbidding them to leave what their parents described as a “cult.”

The women claim to be with Kelly of their own free will, but their families say that they’re suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

According to BuzzFeed’s report, the women in R. Kelly’s homes are forced to follow Kelly’s every instruction or face physical punishment.

The story followed several decades’ worth of lawsuits against R. Kelly that alleged he’d engaged in traumatizing s*xual relationships with young women, some of them underage.

But few of the women named in those suits were willing to come forward and speak to the press, presumably at least in part because they’d signed nondisclosure agreements with Kelly in exchange for settlement money.

One of his victims who spoke out, Pace (maiden name Johnson) said she first met Kelly as a 15-year-old fan outside a court building, when he was on trial for charges of child p****graphy in 2008.

She went to the proceedings daily, until Kelly’s acquittal. A year later, at age 16, she says she lost her virginity to R. Kelly.

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