May 11, 2019
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Price of helium ‘blowing up’ forcing local businesses to get creative – WHEC


Cantina El-Amin owns Tonz of Fun Entertainment and the global helium shortage is impacting her bottom line.

“Me being a small business, it definitely impacts me more than it would a bigger business like Party City because someone sells the helium to me, so we aren’t getting it in bulk or multiple tanks,” El-Amin said. 

El-Amin uses helium at least once a week when decorating parties. She has a tank that she is renting for her business, so now she pays the lease fee on top of the rising cost of helium.

“It’s gone up enough for me to notice the difference,” El-Amin said. “I would say $20 to $25 more than when I first started using helium.”

Experts say the price is inflating because it’s being used faster than it is being produced. Among other things, helium is used in space shuttles, military weapons, electronic devices and even in the medical field.

MRI machines need liquid helium to operate.

News10NBC reached out to Rochester Regional Health to ask if they have been impacted from the shortage but so far a spokeswoman tells us no.

As the helium supply remains up in the air, El-Amin is getting creative to stay afloat.

“I build a frame and apply the balloons to the frame. It still can have a nice illusion that they’re up high and floating,” El-Amin said. “It all depends on how you design it and how you set it up.”

Party City has not released the list of stores that are closing at this time.


Kaci Jones

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