Dec 31, 2017
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Pray For A Brain For Our Leaders By ‘Tope Oriola


The newest episode in Nigeria’s governmental comedy unfolded on 29 December 2017. The Buhari administration announced the appointment of 209 board chairpersons and over 1,000 members

continues the pattern of waste and misplacement of priorities. This is alarming given the recommendations of a presidential panel on reform of federal government agencies set up by the Goodluck Jonathan administration. Former Head of Service, Steve Oronsaye, chaired the panel. Oronsaye’s report indicated that there were 541 parastatals, agencies, and commissions in Nigeria. Some were statutorily mandated; others were not. The panel recommended cutting 161 of the statutory agencies.  Clearly, the report of the panel, like others before it, has been gathering dust — neither the Jonathan nor Buhari administration has had the political courage to execute the recommendations.


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