Sep 4, 2018
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NYSC, A Waste of Time and Youth Life


I have said it over and again… NYSC is a waste of time and youth life.

The objective of NYSC was to bring Nigerians from all over closer so that you familiarize with the entire parts of the country…These objectives were made at a time when the need for national unity was a priority of our leaders.
Possibly it worked at then and our parents clearly benefitted it. In fact the reason why you have an Ogbomoso man settle down in Kano can be highly credited to the efforts on NYSC in the early 70s.
To ensure compliance, the ordinance of NYSC made it difficult for you to get job post service year. Your certificate became a prerequisite. It also meant that you cannot serve in your state of original, or at least from the local you graduated from. A Yoruba man was posted to Igbo land etc. 
Fast forward to the late 90s and you start questioning if the service year the way we operate it is rather a blessing or a curse. I prefer to see it as a concept that has reached the peak of its decline phase.
With the rise in corruption levels and the dilapidation of systems and structures in the country, it is only fair to say that NYSC has lost its value.
A country like Israel makes it mandatory for both genders post university education to join the military for one year. Some other developed countries give international students a 2 year visa to work and gain hands-on experience. As far as I am concerned, NYSC has become a nonsensical model for wasting precious 365 days for youths with purpose who have better value to add to the nation .
I am yet to hear of an insurance cover on the Corp members that gives comprehensive health care. The “Alawee” sef can barely pay for rent… The standards are not equal for service members. Some get good jobs, others get “God forbid” jobs and some get no jobs at all.
Should we talk about corruption in the system? That is now a norm and part of the “process” let’s not go there otherwise I no go finish.
What about preferential treatment? Please refer to Davido vs NYSC. I have heard of arguments in favour of the gentleman but my query is very simple, why make a media stunt out of it? If NYSC had valid reasons why the boy shouldn’t make camp why allow him to speak to his peers and make a demigod out of him.? Like seriously? Just shows how shambolic and indiscipline a systems that preaches discipline is. I don’t see why Davido was allowed to camp in the first place if he was already granted a pass not to attend for obvious reasons. Then I wonder why there is no special program to ensure his mandatory service for that one year… Oh I get it. This singular act has made a clear mockery of the NYSC and just validated why it is no longer a value-add.

I will not waste time on the Davido issue (it’s a no brainier… This is a classic example of a society running without vision, mission and purpose). I would rather conclude by saying that why not let Nigerian youths undergo a compulsory one year post NYSC working with the Nigerian Police.?😃😃😃😃. I just chuckled writing that but I think I am even serious sef. Let me expatiate…

For a country of over 200million people we have barley about  500,000 serving  policemen.  And we know that policing is fundamentally information gathering.

If we make these graduates work in the Nigerian Police, Road Safety, VIP àti bẹẹbẹẹ lọ, You will be amazed at how better the society will become

Working with the police will make the police force look more attractive and reduce room for “10 10 kobo” bribery and corruption here and there. Youth will also be trained to preserve and protect the society and also watch out for the ills that bedevil us.

Working for the Road Safety will enforce more youths learning how to drive in a disciplined manner and understand the consequences of road hazards.

I have stated a few examples above… I mean the list is endless. We can make it more purposeful that sending people to villages where they end up as local champions.

(I deliberately did not talk about sending them to schools because me sef I question the quality of education most of those Corp members sef get). Education clearly na SOS matter for naija… Gist for another day

Like I said above in conclusion, NYSC had a merit when it was instituted, but I can boldly say that as it today, the current model has reached the peak of its life cycle and is clearly not working

*PS: Do you know that my mum and dad’s NYSC uniforms were far better then mine.? After the first washing, my khaki uniform tuned miraculously into a three quarter pants and all the buttons of my top went loose. My white Tshirt became unwearable as it shrunk into a vest for a 15 year old teenager*🏃🏾♂🏃🏾♂🏃🏾♂🏃🏾♂🏃🏾♂🏃🏾♂🏃🏾♂🏃🏾♂

Olaolu Abimbola


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