Sep 23, 2020
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MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch compares Trump to Hitler, blasts Jewish Americans who support him


MSNBC mainstay Donny Deutsch compared President Trump to Adolf Hitler on Wednesday morning and blasted any Jewish Americans who plan to vote for him in November.“Look at that crowd,” Deutsch said on “Morning Joe” as MSNBC aired an image of Trump’s latest campaign rally in Moon Township, Pa.DONNY DEUTSCH APOLOGIZES FOR USING RACIST TERM WHILE CONDEMNING TRUMP SUPPORTERS’ ALLEGED RACISM “There is not one person of color anywhere, like usually behind him he puts one token in there,” Deutsch continued. “If you scan this crowd, this is stunning. If you go, not even behind him but through the thousands and thousands of people and this, to me, looks like a rally from the early ’30s.”
MSNBC mainstay Donny Deutsch compared President Trump to Adolf Hitler on Wednesday morning and blasted Jewish Americans who plan to vote for him in November.
Deutsch, who is a regular on “Morning Joe” and previously hosted a show on the liberal MSNBC that ended in 2019, wasn’t finished. He noted that a previous guest compared Trump to Hitler, adding it’s something that must be done with caution.“Because we can use the word ‘fascist,’ but then when you go ‘Hitler’ everybody starts to go,” Deutsch said as he made a cringing motion.“But what was going on in the early ’30s Germany? Basically you had a destruction of belief in the free press, you had blurring between the executive branch and the Justice Department, you have creating an other, whether it’s Muslims, whether it’s Mexicans, whether it’s congressmen who weren’t born in this country, and then you have the destruction of free elections. And we’re here and what is the difference between Adolph Hitler and Donald Trump? I’m not saying there is a Holocaust but when you look at the tactics, that is where we are right now,” Deutsch said before attacking Jewish people who plan to vote for Trump.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP“How dare you,” said, Deutsch, who is Jewish. “With what our people have gone through in history, and you see a man who is a dictator, and once you give a man absolute power he’s possible of anything, and if you are a Jew in this country and you are supporting Donald Trump, you are not looking back at our history and you are blind and you are walking like a lemming off a cliff.”Deutsch then declared it’s “time to wake up” because there is “no difference” from Trump’s rhetoric and what Hitler preached in the early 1930s.
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