May 12, 2019
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MMA Referees Explain Why Jessica Andrade’s Slam KO Was Legal – LowKick MMA


Jason Silva-USA TODAY SportsJessica Andrade became the new women’s strawweight champion at UFC 237 following her scary slam knockout of Rose Namajunas. And it was completely legal.Andrade was being picked apart on the feet by Namajunas for majority of the first round as it looked like the defending champion would emerge victorious.However, in the second round, as she was defending a kimura hold, Andrade picked Namajunas up and effectively slammed her on her head.Namajunas was knocked out instantly but fortunately suffered no major damage as there were initial fears she might have broken her neck. It also led to many questioning whether the slam was illegal.However, respected MMA referees John McCarthy and Marc Goddard explained why it wasn’t — the main reason being Andrade was defending herself from a submission.When Rose goes for the armbar she has a choice to either let go of the armbar or try and hold onto it and go for the ride that Andrade is going to put on her. There is no illegal slam when a submission is being attempted. It does not matter how she brings her down #AskBJM— Big John McCarthy (@JohnMcCarthyMMA) May 12, 2019 Corey what’s up! No my friend that is not a spike. Any throw with an arc, lift can be brought down in any fashion. Rose held onto kimura grip. A spike is a 12-6 motion feet up/head down where you control your opponent. Think tombstone/pile-driver. Thank you hope you’re well.— Marc Goddard (@marcgoddard_uk) May 12, 2019 Andrade, for one, was relieved that nothing serious happened to Namajunas, as she explained why her slam worked.“I saw her lying there, that she was out, and I still landed two punches before the referee stepped in,” Andrade said (via MMA Fighting). “But I hadn’t realized how serious it was. I got worried because we train to go in there and fight and everyone comes out okay. She woke up later and I relaxed, ‘Okay, I can celebrate for real now because she’s fine. Everything went fine, I didn’t kill her [laughs].’ I didn’t imagine that would happen.“I believe the pile driver worked because she kept holding my arm and I think she was going for a submission, but since I took her too high and moved her over my head and threw her, there was no way, she fell on her face and went out immediately.” If you enjoyed this story, please share it on social media!
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