Nov 4, 2017
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Mikel Obi weekly wages 2017 in China


Football fans and observers were shocked by the transfer of Super Eagle star to the Chinese Tianjin TEDA FC at the beginning of this year. The news about the transfer of the famous football player had an effect of a bomb that hit the world of football. John Mikel Obi admitted as well that it was the last minute decision. The discussions concerning the choice of the player are still relevant. People say that the main motivation for Mikel Obi was the huge paycheck. Do you wonder how big it is? Keep reading the article below to find out what is John Mikel Obi’s salary per week in China.

Leaving England, Mikel expressed his gratefulness for more than ten years that he has spent in Chelsea. For this period, the list of Mikel’s titles in impressive, among them are the Champions League, 3 Premier League Championships, 2 FA cups, and the Europa Leauge. It is not surprising why the famous player felt some regret leaving the club. The public stopped to have compassion for the player when the contract details leaked out.

Reliable resources informed that as per the contract, which was signed for three years, John Mikel Obi earns a weekly salary amounting to £140,000. This way, Mikel almost doubled his weekly salary he got in Chelsea, which was £75,000. As a result, John Mikel Obi now is on the 2nd place on the list of the highest paying African football players in history.

There is no doubt that the figure of £140,000 already looks impressive by itself, but let’s put the numbers together to realize the perspective. Chinese Tianjin TEDA FC offered Mikel Obi 9 million Euro (which is equivalent of 4.4 billion Naira) as an annual wage. So making back-of-the-envelope estimates, we can say that the popular Nigerian midfielder, spending three years at Tianjin TEDA, will earn around 13.3 billion Naira or 27 million Euro. We even have calculated for you how much Mikel Obi makes every single minute under this very profitable contract. He gets 9,000 Naira per minute.

Now, when we are done with figures, let’s figure out the main reasons for Obi’s move to Chinese Tianjin TEDA FC.

Top 3 reasons for Mikel Obi’s move to China

During last season, Mikel Obi has lost position in the starting eleven and even was rarely seen on the bench. Even if it seems clear why he accepted the proposition and moved to a different club. The question about the reasons for the decision to join China team instead of Valencia, Marseille or the Italian Internazionale Milano still arise. Mikel explained himself such a choice as “new challenge” motivation. Is Chinese Super League a real challenge for such an experienced football player as John Mikel Obi? We consider such an answer as a way to save Nigerian player’s face. So, what are the real reasons then? We will try to suppose and give the answer.

1. “The clock ticks”

John Mikel Obi is now thirty years old and hardly can be called a young lion. He achieved a lot, won African Nations Cup and Champions and Europa Leagues, he has multiple Premier League titles. Many football players only dream about this. So, we can assume that the famous midfielder just has lost his motivation and it is the beginning of the football career end. Why not get a good reward in more relaxed atmosphere.

2.  Chance to improve performance on an international level

The lesser amount of matches Mikel will have the more positive influence on his motivation and energy level will be. The Chinese Super League will give more freedom and free time for Nigerian football star.

3.  There’s no such thing as too much money

John Mikel Obi can’t be blamed for his “business” decision. Tianjin TEDA offered the player the crazy money. We have made our calculations above. If to compare, clubs like Valencia or Marseille weren’t willing to propose even the reward as Mikel got being a part of Chelsea team. So, Mikel decided to think better of his family and what is more didn’t refuse the luxury lifestyle he is comfortable with.

We have told you how much money John Mikel Obi makes every week in China and about possible reasons for his transfer. We hope you have found interesting this information.

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