May 25, 2019
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James Holzhauer surpasses $2 million on ‘Jeopardy!’ – PennLive


Pennsylvania Real-Time News Posted May 24, 2019 James Holzhauer has won 27 straight games on “Jeopardy!” By Becky Metrick | Despite a couple wrong answers during Thursday’s episode of ‘Jeopardy!,’ star Jame Holzhauer quickly blew ahead of the competition to finally surpass $2 million in total winnings.Holzhauer passed the $2 million mark by winning $74,400 for the day, making his total $2,065,535.It was Holzhauer’s 27th consecutive win, and it was an easy win. It wasn’t even his dominance with correct answers, but rather his opponents getting wrong answers along side him that hurt their chances. When his opponents got wrong answers, they went into the negative amounts. When Holtzhauer got wrong answers, he lost maybe a couple thousand of his thousands of dollars in daily winnings.Holzhauer was expected to surpass $2 million on Thursday, but had one of the closest games of his historic run, and managed to fall about $8,000 short.Holzhauer is still in third place for the gameshow’s list of total earnings. Though he passed $2 million on Friday, the contestant holding second place for all time winnings is Ken Jennings, with a total of $3,370,700. Jennings also holds the record for consecutive wins, with 74 wins.Holzhauer was only the second Jeopardy contestant in the show’s history to surpass $1 million in winnings during regular season play, behind Jennings.“Jeopardy!” airs on weeknights. To find out what channel it’s on in your area and what time it airs, visit Did ‘Jeopardy!’ star James Holzhauer pass the $2 million mark? Holzhauer only needed to win around $60,000 Thursday to have his total earnings pass $2 million dollars. ‘Jeopardy James’ passes $1 million mark, breaks another gameshow record James Holzhauer now holds the record for crossing that $1 million mark in the fewest number of games — 14.
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