Dec 24, 2017
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Even Jesus Christ encouraged romantic getaway — Miss Face of Prestige

Love and marriage therapists usually advise that there is need to rekindle the fire of every relationship with whatever strengthens it or makes it last longer, and Mary Tobechukwu Ukoli, a young fashion designer and current Face of Prestige Nigeria, 2017, couldn’t agree more.

In a one-on-one chat with Potpourri, she admits that romantic getaways help to strengthen the bond between lovers and according to her, even Jesus Christ encouraged it.

“I’m a supporter of romantic getaway at all levels. Even Jesus Christ in the Bible did same with his disciples to make things straight. It’s obvious that issues emanate in relationships always, ranging from misunderstanding, lack of affection, and so on. So, since it’s two people from different backgrounds, there is need to strengthen your relationship. Speaking about her plans for the festive season, the undergraduate of International Studies and Diplomacy said: “I really have great enthusiasm when it comes to making positive impact in the lives of people. The first program that I have mapped out is ensuring I put smiles on the faces of less privileged children. My goal is to be able to make changes in the lives of youths and children because they are the pillars of the society, so, they need to be empowered.”
The philanthropic beauty queen believes many Nigerian youths have lost track of themselves and need a reorientation.
“So many youths need a reorientation, some of them do not have anyone to talk to them; I believe proper orientation would do a lot because like they say, “The idle hand is the devil’s workshop”, she said.

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