Mar 14, 2020
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Doctor’s tips for a successful coronavirus self-quarantine


Being “mindful” is the key to successfully living under coronavirus self-quarantine in a shared space, NYU Langone Health Associate Professor Dr. Roshini Rajapaksa said Saturday.Appearing on “Fox & Friends Weekend,” she offered tips for people who have either been with someone who later tested positive or recently traveled to one of the global danger zones.CLICK HERE FOR FULL CORONAVIRUS COVERAGE”They want to be careful in their homes and maybe wait a couple weeks before really spending time with even their family members in their home,” said Rajapaksa, also know as “Dr. Raj.”. “And that’s not always easy. But, No. 1: Try to isolate yourself … to one room.””Of course, that’s not possible for many people. So then what do you do?” she said. “Well, you want to make sure that you are wiping all those shared surfaces. … So, a disinfectant spray with bleach, using the wipes and, of course, you want to be washing your hands every time that you are touching something.”DR. SIEGEL ON CORONAVIRUS DRIVE-THRU TEXTING: ‘ESSENTIAL,’ WILL HELP ‘REASSURE’ AMERICANSRajapaksa also advised using a tissue to cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing, and immediately discarding it in a lined garbage can that is emptied frequently.In addition, she said healthy people should prepare any meals.”And then, there are things that people don’t often think about that they are touching that may be shared,” she said. “Of course, we know you are not going to share a toothbrush. But what about the toothpaste itself?”EUROPE IS CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC EPICENTER AS CASES SURGE: WHORajapaksa said makeup — especially liquid makeup — and contact lenses are also products to avoid. “This also encourages people to touch their eyes, which we don’t want you doing right now,” she said.”And really just make sure you are mindful of how you are interacting with other people. Try to stay about six feet from other people in the home,” she cautioned.CLICK HERE FOR THE FOX NEWS APPWhat if someone comes to the door?”In that one-minute interaction, …try to keep your distance. That’s very unlikely that something is going to happen there,” she told the “Fox & Friends” hosts. “Really you want to avoid the prolonged face-to-face contact, and it does take a little bit longer than just a minute or so.”
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