Sep 11, 2020
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‘Nearly half’ of CNN’s GOP commentators are backing Biden, report finds


CNN has long portrayed itself as an unbiased news network, but a new report finds that nearly half its Republican commentators are backing Democratic candidate Joe Biden.The Washington Free Beacon counted “at least six Republicans” on CNN’s payroll who have been vocal with their support for the former VP, all of whom have been outspoken critics of President Trump. According to the Free Beacon, they make up “40% of the network’s Republican roster,” far exceeding the findings of a recent Quinnipiac poll the report cited showing just 8% of self-identified Republicans are voting for Biden.Former Ohio Gov. John Kasich and former Pennsylvania Rep. Charlie Dent, who were both hired by the network following the 2016 election, announced their endorsements of the Democrat on air.CNN’S ‘REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST’ ANA NAVARRO TO HOST JOE BIDEN CAMPAIGN EVENTKasich notably spoke at this year’s Democratic National Convention urging other Republicans and moderates to join him in voting for Biden.Ana Navarro, who continues to be labeled as a “Republican strategist and commentator,” hosted a virtual event for the Biden campaign last month.Former Trump Homeland Security official Miles Taylor, who was just hired as a CNN contributor, has been outspoken with his criticism of the president in recent weeks and offered his endorsement of Biden in August.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe Free Beacon also cites GOP commentators Amanda Carpenter and Tara Setmayer as Biden supporters in addition to CNN host and lifelong Republican S.E. Cupp.According to the report, the Free Beacon can only identify “five current Republican CNN contributors” who support President Trump.
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