Sep 10, 2020
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Michigan superintendent rips anti-Trump quiz teacher gave to students as ‘misinformation’


Anti-Trump questions on a current events quiz given to students in a Michigan district this week were taken from an app and not crafted by the teacher or approved by the school, the superintendent said in a statement Wednesday.Several questions on the quiz “were deemed inappropriate in nature” and were not part of the Bedford Public Schools’ curriculum, Superintendent Carl Shultz wrote in a statement posted to the district’s Facebook page.A screenshot of one of the controversial questions reportedly taken from the quiz paints President Trump as a racist, xenophobe and misogynist.NEW YORK HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT ARRESTED FOR ATTENDING IN-PERSON CLASSES ON REMOTE LEARNING DAY“This is the perception of what Trump hates…” the question reads, followed by four multiple-choice answers: “women,” “Black people,” “Mexicans” or “all of the above.”Shultz said the district had investigated the situation and found that the teacher had taken the pre-created quiz from an unspecified “popular educational tool” and given it to students without properly vetting the questions.TEXAS TEACHERS COULD SEE DOUBLE-DIGIT RAISES UNDER PROGRAM TO RETAIN TOP PERFORMERSA spokeswoman for the district was unable to identify the source of the quiz.It was taken from a database by the teacher and delivered to students through a separate digital learning app that helps educators store and share materials — the type of program that schools are increasingly relying on amid the coronavirus pandemic for online learning.“Believing that the selected quiz topic would be relevant to the upcoming general election and the course content, the teacher admittedly did not read each of the 15 questions included in the quiz,” Shultz said.CLICK HERE FOR THE FOX NEWS APPHe described the questions as “inaccurate” and “misinformation” and said the district would take measures to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.“I want to reassure our community that our commitment and focus remains on providing our students with the most accurate and relevant learning opportunities at all times,” the superintendent’s statement concluded.
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