Aug 27, 2020
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Hurricane Laura debris nearly takes out Weather Channel reporter on live TV


The Weather Channel’s Stephanie Abrams had a scary moment caught on live TV Thursday morning when she was nearly struck in the head by flying debris while covering Hurricane Laura on the ground in Louisianna.“We want to make good TV for you guys but we also want to be safe… we want to bring you the shot, but we want to do it safely,” Abrams said as she inched further down a set of stairs moments before she was nearly pelted with debris.HURRICANE LAURA SEEN BURSTING WITH LIGHTNING IN NOAA’S SATELLITE IMAGERYIronically, seconds before Abrams was nearly taken out, her colleague reporter Jim Cantore stepped out of his own live shot to find a helmet.“I really don’t feel like getting whaled on in the head, so I’m just going to put a helmet on out here since I’m standing out here,” Cantore said as he tossed it back to Abrams.It turned out Abrams was nearly “whaled on in the head” immediately following Cantore’s comment. Voices in the background, presumably Weather Channel staffers, are heard panicking as Abrams was nearly struck.FEMA HEAD WARNS OF ‘UNSURVIVABLE SURGE’ FROM HURRICANE LAURA, TELLS RESIDENTS TO ‘GET OUT’A dramatic, “Whoa,” is heard off camera and Abrams assured colleagues she was OK. It was unclear what objects nearly hit Abrams, but it appeared to be broken glass ot something similar.“We’re fine, everyone we are fine. We are totally fine, everything is OK,” Abrams said after the scary ordeal.“So that’s why we didn’t want to stand far down on the stairs,” she told viewers. “Everyone is 100 percent ok.”The Weather Channel later took to Twitter to thank viewers for their concern.CLICK HERE FOR MORE WEATHER COVERAGE FROM FOX NEWS
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